Bramhill Email Address Book
We are endeavouring to keep the communication lines of our far-flung family in tack so we do not lose touch with each other. With you permission we would like to post your name, City and Country you live in and your email address on this page so other family members can contact you. This can be of immense help as we continue to gather the history of our family.

Some Rules that we must all follow:

Never use this list for solicitation or commercial information.
Do not pass this list on to any person or organization outside our family.
Do not send jokes or any other unsolicited information to anyone on this list.

If you would be willing to post your email address on the Bramhill Address Book send us an email at

thereby giving us your permission and the necessary information.

Surname First Name City Country Email Address Family Line

Essex England Liverpool Bramhills Markham, ON Canada Epworth Bramhills
Bramhill Peter Stanley England Ch. 7.0 - John & Eliza Bramhill
Quanz John Markham, ON Canada Ch.3.0 - George Bramhill
Bramhill Will Essex England Liverpool Bramhills
Bain  Douglas Toronto, ON Canada Ch 6.0 - Richard Bramhill -Druggist
Bramhill Barrie England Ch 12.0 - Jonathan Bramhill
Bramhill Emma  England  Ch 12.0 - Jonathan Bramhill
Bramhill  Sandra Canada  Canada  Ch 12.0 - Jonathan Bramhill
Bramhill  Peter and Sue England England Ch. 7.10 - Watson Bramhill
Bramhill  Julian England England Ch. 7.10 - Watson Bramhill
Bramhill Andrew Lincoln Park, MI USA Ch 7.2 - Matthew Bramhill
Bramhill Ronald F. Taylor, MI USA Ch 7.2 - Matthew Bramhill
Bramhill-Pappas Diane New Boston, MI USA Ch 7.2-MatthewandAnnisBramhill
Bramhill-Tracey Noreen Baysville, ON Canada Ch 7.6.3 - Wilfred Bramhill
Bramhill John Sheffield England
Cady Tracy Canada Ch 3.1.7 Matthew Bramhill
DeLine Barbara Sarnia, ON Canada Ch 7.2.2 - Leonora Annis Bramhill
French Jim Rochester Hills, MI USA  Ch 3.3 - Elizabeth Bramhill Goodwin
Gallagher Dawn Bristol England husband linked to family line Ch 6-0 Richard Bramhill - Druggist
Greensill Barbara England Ch. 14.0 - Arthur Bramhill
Healey Denise  River Rouge, MI USA  Ch 7.2 - Thomas Henry Bramhill
King Pat British Columbia Canada  Ch 8.1 - Mary Ellen Bramhill
Milroy Ann London England Ch 6.0 - Richard Bramhill -Druggist
Spick Dorothy Nottinghamshire England  Ch 5.0-ThomasBramhill
Peoples Mark Montgomery, Alabama USA  Ch 8.0 - RichardThomasBramhill