Matthew Bramhill and Elizabeth Butterfield

By Annie Bramhill Cundall


Matthew Bramhill was born September 21, 1796 in Epworth, Lincolnshire, England. He married Elizabeth Butterfield and they had six children. Matthew died in 1886.

             Their children:


            George            Feb. 8, 1818            Moved to Canada in 1854

            Thomas           Jan. 30, 1822           Married Jeanette Miller nee Henderson

             Ellen               Apr. 17, 1829          Married John Doe (last name not known)

             Ann                1836           

             John               Jan. 3, 1845              Married Eliza Oliver

                                                 (Grandfather of Annie Bramhill Cundall)

             Richard                                             Richard was a druggist

                        I can tell you a few anecdotes of old Mathew Bramhill my great grandfather. He was a farmer, some sons were also farmers, one was a potato buyer, one a druggist, and one daughter, who lived in Perth Scotland, was quite well off. She used to visit Epworth and my dad (Walter Bramhill), when a small boy, used to be amused when she would take her teeth out. I should think in the 1870s that it would be new.

                        In the 1860s Matthew and a few more people decided to raise money and build a Primitive Methodist Chapel. He was a keen Methodist. I have the card he was given to commemorate the laying of the foundation stone. I also have the mallet. The Chapel is now a supermarket. Matthew was at the opening and I was at the closing. Iím a Methodist, so is my daughter, Margaret and her daughter are also Ė she is a local preacher. We had hopes of her being a minister. She has a degree in theology. She got wed and has two lovely children.

                        Back to Matthew Ė when the Chapel was built his next step was a Cemetery. It opened around 1881. His sons buried him in the cemetery and never paid for his grave. I didnít know this until recently when I asked where he was buried and was given a plan of where his grave was and a memo saying his grave was not paid for.

                        About me, I married in 1933 and had Margaret (now age 65), Charles (age 61), Stanley (age 58) and my husband was killed in the war on January 7th, 1943. I remarried in 1945 to Ben Cundall and had one daughter Nancy.


           Mrs. Annie (Bramhill) Cundal


- End -