Chapter 7.4
William John Bramhill of Rotherham
By Peter Bramhill

William John Bramhill was born about 1855 to 1858 and was a son of John Bramhill and Eliza Oliver. William Bramhill married Fanny Copestake.

        This picture shows three generations of Bramhill. In the foreground is my great grandfather William Bramhill and his wife Fanny (Copestake). William was born about 1855/58 and was John and Eliza's son. Behind them are my grandparents, Daisy and Tom, either side of my father, Jim. The photo is dated July 1935.

        My grandfather was not long retired from the Royal Navy and was working for Barclay's Bank in the City. Dad was working for the chemical company ICI, where he remained until his own retirement.

        I like William's no nonsense, dour, Yorkshire appearance. He lived in Rotherham and was a coal miner until the age of 70. He died in 1941, aged 82 according to the death certificate, which is interesting because his age as stated on his wedding certificate would have made him 86 at his death! I'm still trying to find evidence for his true date of birth.

        I think he and Fanny may have been economical with the truth on the wedding certificate - they may have overstated their ages and Fanny could have been pregnant, judging from their children's ages in the 1881 census.

        My father has recently told me that Fanny's origins are a bit of a mystery as well which may explain why I've drawn a complete blank in finding out anything about her!

        Incidentally in trying to locate certification for them I now possess some unwanted certificates:

Any use to anyone? I can't find a Popplewell, Patchett or Johnson in any of the Bramhill family trees - are there yet more unexplored branches!