Chapter 7.9.3

Annie Bramhill



Annie Bramhill, third child of Walter and Ruth Bramhill, was born in 1913 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. In 1933 she married Stanley Firth.


Children of Stanley Firth and Annie Bramhill are:

Margaret Firth

Charles Firth

Stanley Firth


Stanley was killed in 1942, off the North African coast. He was travelling with other troops on the ship with all the tanks and they were torpedoed during the approach to land. He is buried in North Africa and a memorial has been placed in the Epworth Cemetery.






Annie Firth (nee Bramhill) with her daughter Margaret 1936 in Bridlington, Yorkshire.
















Annie Bramhill Firth Cundal







Annie married Ben Cundall and they had one child Nancy.



Margaret Firth


























Stanley Firth


















Stanley and Janet Firth




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