Chapter 13.0
John Bramhill - Kansas

        Another Bramhill emigrated from Epworth, Lincolnshire England to North America. John Bramhill settled in the United States in Wisconsin and then in Kansas. This historical note is of course quite old.

        John Bramhill, farmer, Section 2, Township 17, Range 12, P. O. Ivy, was born July 21, 1828, at Epworth, Lincolnshire, England, where he was brought up on a farm. He came to the United States in 1834, locating in Dane County, Wis., where he remained until he came to Kansas in the spring of 1857.

        He took a claim of 160 acres of land, situated on One Hundred and Forty-second Creek, which claim he sold in 1860. During the war he was enrolled in the militia and was called into service at the time of the Price raid, and on several other occasions. He farmed rented land, until 1866, when he bought eighty acres of partly improved land, situated on One Hundred and Forty-second and Hill creeks, in Waterloo Township. He purchased additional lands, and had in his home farm 187 acres, and 160 acres one-half mile southwest of and forty acres one-fourth of mile north of the home farm. He had about eighty acres under cultivation, forty acres of timberland, and used the remainder for hay and grazing. He raised cattle and hogs, feeding most of his crops to his own stock. He had made valuable improvements upon the home farm. Had an orchard of about 300 apple trees besides other fruits.

        Mr. Bramhill was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church; also a member of Ivy Grange, P. of H. He married Mrs. Elizabeth Courtney, of Waterloo Township, September 20, 1830. She had two children by her former marriage - Anna A., and Thomas S. By this marriage Mr. Bramhill has had four children, of whom George L., William A., and Frances M., lived, in the area.

Another Bramhill from the Kansas area:

Francis Bramhill
        Francis Bramhill, born about 1876 in Admire, Wyandotte, Kansas, USA. He married Sarah Miller on September 25, 1901. Sarah was born on February 2, 1880 and died on October 22, 1972.

        This is not likely the son of John Bramhill and Elizabeth Courtney since he would have been born 46 years after their marriage. He may be their grandson.

        This information was found through Family Search Ancestral File on February 18, 2001 on website

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