Chapter 16.0
Fred Bramhill
By Joyce Snyder

Date: 25 Jun 2001 3:13 PM GMT

        I'm looking for more family that is related to Fred & Marie Bramhill. They had three children: Bob, Ray Gene, & Carl.
Bob has a son named Randy (wife Linda), Ray Gene was "killed in action in Korean War", Carl (wife Phyllis Bronson) has 1 daughter: Joyce (Eric Snyder). Carl died 04/23/1993 due to complications that come with Alzheimers. Fred also has 2 other daughters: Pearl (Marvin Currier) & Theada Wagner(or).

        This Family is very small and I would like to know more about where we come from and who are related to us.

BRAMHILL: descendants of FRED & Marie (Oppenlander)

Author: Joyce Snyder

- End -