Patrick John Bramhill

Patrick John Bramhill was a descendant of John Bramhill and Eliza Oliver. See    for more details. The information here was provided by Brenda (Bramhill) Stokes from England and Mike Blaney from British Columbia, Canada.

By Brenda (Bramhill) Stocks

From information gleaned from letters I know my great uncle, Patrick John Bramhill born in 1905, emigrated to Canada.

Patrick was one of 3 children, James, my grandfather born December 31,1899, and Mary born 1903. My aunt understands that the 3 children were in St Edwards Orphanage in Liverpool whose records have been destroyed.

It is know that Patrick was a superintendent of Brooksbank Laboratories a dairy company of Eburne BC. He married a Helen McNaught and they had 3 children, a girl in 1936 who died a birth, and two boys, Jimmy and Jackie born 1934 and 1937 respectively. I know that Patrick died in 1942 and Helen remarried and became Helen Blaney. During the 70ís she contacted my father and other Bramhill family members by writing to all the Bramhills in the Liverpool telephone directory. Without referring to my file at home I canít recall where she was then living.

By Mike Blaney

My name is Mike Blaney. A name I took out of respect for my stepfather who raised four children of my birth fathersí and one of his own. Except for one brother, we were all in the forces. While we were raised as Blaneys in school we had to change to our birth name to join the armed forces. When we got out of the forces some of us kept our birth fathersí name and some reverted back to the stepfatherís name.

My birth fathers name was Patrick John Bramhill; he died in the early forties. His eldest son is James (Jim) Bramhill, a now retired senior RCMP officer living in White Rock, B.C. His next eldest is John (Jack) Patrick Blaney, currently President of Simon Fraser University. The next is Gerald (Gerry) Bramhill, a long-time business manager for the IBEW and now principal of the Electrical Trades Technical School. Next is myself, Mike Blaney (Bramhill), an entrepreneur most of my life and sales manager for Canadaís largest automotive dealership here in Vancouver. Last of the brothers is David Blaney, a full son to our stepfather Winston Blaney. David is a retired Canadian Navy officer now doing consultant work with the Government for the construction of the new destroyers and lives near Ottawa.

We just had a family reunion last summer for the descendants of our grandparents, John and Bella McNaught. They were from Scotland as was my mother.

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