Reunion Photo Album

The Reunion went very well. We had about 240 different people attend the 2 days of the Reunion.

Some could only attend Saturday night while others came only for Sunday afternoon. We had family come from England (Peter Stanley Bramhill and his daughter and grand-daughter), from Belize Central America, from the United States and from many provinces of Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario).

Peter Stanley Bramhill preached at our Worship Service and many of my Aunts and Uncles sang. At the Reunion itself we had a young lady play the harp as guests arrived. We had Tea & Coffee, biscuits, a BBQ Chicken dinner, pies and lots of treats to eat. We had draws for prizes, there were presentations and more singing. I gave a presentation about some of the family history. The whole event was thrilling for everyone.

The History Book was very well received. What started out as approximately a 100-page book eventually became 266 pages of material and pictures sent in by all the cousins. We published in a 3-ring binder to make it possible to make additions and changes.

The following list of pages will show you a variety of photos taken by Don Pugh, Jack Bramhill and Walter Quanz. There are several pictures on each page so please be aware it will take a little time to download. Use the "Back Button" to return to the previous page. You can print the pictures if you wish.

Thank You
Thank you everyone who helped with the Reunion - from those who served on the Organizing Committee, those who brought food, those who helped set-up at the Arena, all our musicians and all those who wrote material for the History Book. This truly was your Reunion. Thank you for making it a success.
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